sábado, 14 de julio de 2007

Pansat 250SM

Así es señores un miembro mas se suma al imperio de Pansausa llamado Pansat 250SM donde su pronta y oficial bienvenida sera el día 08-07-07. El archivo para este de fabrica es el X_250BL_070707_V501A_api.bin y puede ser bajado en ele enlace a continuación: http://www.hostclip.com/dl/d72e55fb6fa78b26ca863024c3c9b7bd

Algunas de sus inniovaciones son:

Viene con USB Stick

• 10 days EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
• Full Compliant of MPEG-2 Digital & DVB broadcasting
• 950-2, 150 MHz input Frequency (IF Loop Throughout)
• Variable Input Symbol Rate (1-45 Msps)
• Multi language OSD
• Automatic PAL/NTSC Conversion
• Fast Channel Change
• 5000 Channels TV & Radio program
• Flexible receiption of SCPC & MCPC from C/Ku-Band Satellites
• S/PDIF (Digital Audio or Dolby AC3 Stream out)
• Timer Function (Automatic Turn On/ Off by Setting Function)
• Conditional Access - Conax CAS Embedded
• RTC (Real Time Clock)
• 256 Colors (Graphic User Interface) Number
• PIG (Picture In Graphic)
• 5 Favorite List & 100 Programs per each
• Powerful Channel Editing Fuction
- Sorting: Alphabetic, Satellite, TP Order, FTA/Scramble, Parental Lock
- Move, Delete, Favorite Edit
- Parental Lock, Channel Rename, Channel Skip
• Manual PID/ Satellite & TP/ Network Scan
• Smart Search
• Satellite Scan - Simultaneous Scan
• Diseqc 1.2 & USALS Compatiable
• Comparable of Setting the Frequency for SMATV System
• Integrated USB2.0(Host)
• Software Upgrade by USB memory stick (128Mb X1 included)
• Software Upgrade by RS232 Null Modem Cable(Receiver to Receiver, PC to Receiver)
• UHF Ready (U-30 Kit Optional)
• Component Out (YPbPr)
• S-VHS Out
• Universal 2 Remote Control

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